Worx WG546 20V Review

I like to stay my porch and front private road freed from rubbish. Please refer the User Manual before use.

I am surprised at however sturdy this can be. I did not obtain the attachments. check out the amazing video => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm6HTyaVsP4 Worx WG546 20V, The WORX WG546 rotary engine 20-Volt conductor Blower/Sweeper options a two-speed control operation that permits for lightweight duty cleanup to full leaf removal on any sort of surface.

Low speed works nice for an inside space just like the garage to urge corners and permit controlled movement. Get another battery or 2 if you discover out that one battery doesn't meet your wants.

I told him how upset I was and rather than try to fix the situation - I was given the following condescending canned response: High speed is okay for pave and works OK for obtaining leaves off gravel. this might very use an additional speed to form it a five star product.

My neighbor has the total factor. I've watched him blow out the gutters. i will order the attachments next fall. High capability air volume with rotary engine fan technology (340 CFM) Two-speed style to tackle any job.Charging Time:5 Hours Each battery solely lasts 12-14 minutes and, then, takes hours to charge. I actually have a really tiny yard and was solely able to blow the leaves in my back yard before each batteries ran dry.

Hyper-stream air nozzle for further powerful conditions easy tool free assembly. The Powerful 20V scoop metal light-weight conductor blower with rotary engine technology delivers up to 340cfm of air rate.

Lightweight and engineering one-hand operation

We have large oak trees and each day it's one thing...acorns, leaves, etc. Not solely did this baby do all that, it unbroken going on behalf of me to come off my long private road and sod. This takes the duty aloof from that significant, loud gas blower and puts it into a lightweight weight quiet tool that just about anyone will use. I'm happy I bought a second battery for it thus I continually have one for copy once required. What is a lot of frustrating is that I emailed WORX client support and was told by Nathaniel H. (a complete Ambassador) that my battery life was traditional and that i may obtain a further categorical charger for $50.

Plan on obtaining a twilled blower/vacuum/mulcher to require care of back yard. WG456 is ideal for what it's created for smaller pave processing. I've been trying to find a light-weight blower for my back and front areas that don't want my husband's massive gas blower. I have many electrical steam-powered blowers that I actually have accumulated over the years.

" Recommend victimisation low speed unless processing wet leaves since high setting can use battery up at intervals ten - fifteen min. Last twenty min on lower setting. Been victimisation nearly daily for many months. Battery takes four - five hours to charge. Thank you for your email and for taking the time to share your feedback.

We appreciate hearing from our customers and your feedback allows us to continue to provide the best products available and the best customer service possible. Was tired of trying to start my large, heavy gas blower.

I would say this is 80% as powerful, but SO much lighter and SO much easier to use.

It's actually more powerful than I thought. Low speed is great for sweeping grass and light leaves off my walks and mulch.

High power was able to move wet leaves and heave amounts of leaves fairly well.

Definitely buy one with two batteries (or use one from another Worx tool like I did).

Battery life is about 8-10 minutes on high and 15-20 minutes on low. Would absolutely buy again.


Bet I ne'er rake another leaf. this can be my second WORX tool. it's nice same by somebody impressive for clearing off walkways and private road. sturdy enough to blow wet pile leaves on high.

Frankly i am sorry that I did not. It opens doors to way more comes. Since they take 4-5 hours to completely charge I had to end the duty with a rake. This was terribly frustrating.

wanna see the video, don't shy! Just click here and watch the video on Worx WG546 20V Review, When I received the Worx blower, I saw that it's a lot of Larger than my others. it's lighter in weight than another, however it's power with the battery hooked up is a minimum of triple of the direct electrical.

It's lightweight enough to be comfy and straightforward to use. it is not super powerful, however over enough to clear leaves off the private road and sidewalks. to form it even higher, I actually have A battery which will be shared with four of my Worx power tools, that saves a bunch.

I already spent $120 on the blower. This was not only infuriating but insulting. I really dig the convenience of this blower, and the way a lot of quieter it's than e.g. my massive ass gas backpack blower! If your primary use is to maneuver one thing around on gravel, rock, or grass i feel you wish a lot of power. it's lightweight weight, simple to use, and far quieter than my previous blower. nice very little leaf blower.

f I may provide this product zero stars i'd. It is extraordinarily light-weight and blows a giant punch even on low that makes the battery life longer. I bought the model with 2 batteries thus I will do all promptly. This machine is well well worth the cash and that i suggest it highly! Thanks WORX! Nice product.