For parents desperate to monitor multiple rooms or kids, add-on Camera Units may be used with the child Optics DXR-8. Up to three add-on Camera Units may be paired to the DXR-8.
- Includes camera unit power adapter
Constructed with multi-layered glass lens items in AN aluminium housing for improved performance
Requires child Optics DXR-8
Infant Optics Add-on Camera Unit for DXR-8
Choose the foremost appropriate distance and viewing angle. Optical zoom and wide angle lens don't seem to be enclosed.
Remote Pan/Tilt management

Infant Optics DXR-8 is best With a pair of or additional Camera Units, the DXR-8 offers 'Scan Mode' that auto-scans between all paired channels every ten seconds.

Quiet, swish and distinct. Remotely management the camera's direction.
Pair up to four Camera Units
Up to four camera units may be paired along with your child Optics DXR-8 set.
Additional Camera Unit pairs with child Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom with Interchangeable lens system video monitor
Viewing direction remotely controlled by DXR-8 Monitor Unit each horizontally and vertically
Compatible with child Optics Optical telephoto lens (sold separately) and Optical Wide Angle Lens (sold separately)